27 Aug 2010

Bon Jovi: The Circle

I bought this on impulse when it came out... and never listened to it. I resonate with When We Were Beautiful. Also check out their G20 performance* of Livin' On A Prayer: the circled dot is prominent.

I do need to point out something which seems to be a common trait in these "gate travels": there's usually four characters (who appear bonded in friendship). No idea why four, exactly?


* pointed out by synchromystic blogger @ Centreportal.

25 Aug 2010

The Faerie Gateway (dream)

This was a dream-travel sequence from five years ago:

The next sequence began. I looked up at the stars through the branches of trees. An inner voice said the star cluster was the Pleiades. As I focused on one, more prominent star, it began to spiral slowly. This had quite a hypnotic effect which played on my sense of balance. I felt a tingling of excitement as I realized something was going to happen to me. I tried to calm my emotions as I knew they would project me out of what was being initiated. I surrendered to the star's motions and found that it had taken me through to another reality. As I looked back down and around me again, I was the same - but the landscape had changed.

I was in a fir forest, at evening time. I heard singing voices coming from nearby, and soon a few People met me, carrying lanterns. I could hear their voices inside my head. They gave me information, such as the fact that what to us was a modern Pop song had actually been taken out of Faerie a long time ago. If we listened to the words and the effects the words spoke of, we would recognize it, they said. 

We were on a wooded ridge, surrounding a lower area. The People attempted to gently lure me to a nearby 'welcome' area (I could see the projection of a house), but I told them I wanted to see what was beyond those Mountains in the distance. They explained that it was too far away for me to attempt that journey at that time, and that there were also obstacles like water which I could not swim. They then offered to show me something, and we went down to the valley.

There was a big, luminous Tree. The People said to stick around, because the Tree was 'just about to do something'. Indeed it did, it bloomed and I was struck by intense awe and wonder. It drew me closer and I realized this was another threshold. I opened my arms in acceptance - as I did this, I was pulled into a much more energetic ride than the way by which I had come in. With a breath that felt like my first intake of air after having learned to breathe underwater, I woke up in my bed. I exclaimed, "WOW!"

The 'energetic ride' happened through a tunnel exactly like the one shown below. There are many animations of 'wormholes', but I chose this one for its amusing annotation ("I saw this in my dream")... Seems I'm not the only one merrily tobogganing there!

* Picture: "The White Tree" by Gunvor Paludan

The Freddie Mercury Star(gate), Feltham

The Freddie Mercury Star(gate), set up in Feltham in November 2009.
I especially like the Alchemical colours and the obvious Circled Dot (pentagon) with a "heart of gold".

This has a few differences from what a usual Hollywood-type star looks like. There are numerous elements which can be looked up to see what they say to you. But here is a basic description of the 'milieu' or location as it was when I visited:
This is a commercial 'town centre', and the star's location is bordered by such shops as: Peacock's, Risky, and Subway.
"Within this union of metals there was the assumption that the based metal dies and the more precious one was resurrected. Or it was thought to come back as a thing of many colors, sometimes described as a peacock's tail".
One commercial board stated:
"Your Sight is Precious. 20% off Transition Lenses."

So do we have to get our Glasses on, to better perceive Transition? Then of course there is Gladstone Avenue. And there was one intriguing road sign!

Alf King under fives centre

Did anyone say Five? (Anyone remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIV2SkMwesU "As long as Five bring the Four, Queen bring the Rock" - where did that come from? I seem to recall a rock is also a word for diamond...)

The relationship of two to three, in harmonical proportion, gives a tone which was not a likeness of one, but a tone which presents a new and powerful relationship to one. As such, five is called the first universal number. [...] The Star was the Egyptian symbol for both destiny and the number five. The ideal of the realized man was to become a star, and to become one of the company of Ra. [sailing with him in the Ark of Millions of Years]
The five-pointed stars were the homes of departed souls, as confirmed in the Unas Funerary Texts (known as the Pyramid Texts):
Lines 886-9: I am a soul ... I (am) a star of gold... and Here I am, O Ra, I am your son, I am a soul ... a star of gold...
Line 904: be a soul as a living star...

But perhaps a distinct synchronicity was the song that was on in one of the shops:

Honey Ryder: Rising Up

We’re rising up, we’re rising up
Caught up in the flames
We’re fired up, we’re wired up
Don’t get in our way


Usually when I travel I like to find out the underlying concepts in placenames (names and words being the 'doorways' they are). I was not disapppointed by where it took me this time!

London & Luton: associated with LĂș/Lug/Lugh/Lugus (Celtic god & High King - of the Elves? His name implies a "Flash of Light" which is common to all tales of such beings)

Hounslow: hill or mound associated with Hundi, the Anglo-Saxon pagan:

"... the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons believed in seven realms. The Anglo-Saxons referred to the realm humans live on as Middangeard (which was cognate to the Old Norse Midgard), and also to a realm called Neorxnawang, corresponding to the Christian idea of Heaven. ... in the Crist poem, there is a mention of Earendel, which may have been a name of the morning star, identified in the poem with John the Baptist (who heralds the coming of the Christ as the morning star heralds the Sun). Various scholars, such as Brian Branston and Clive Tolley have suggested that the pagan Anglo-Saxons held a belief in a world tree, similar to the Norse concept of Yggdrasil, though there is no solid evidence for this. The Anglo-Saxon concept corresponding to fate was wyrd, although the "pagan" nature of this conception is subject to some debate." (Wikipedia)

Feltham: homestead where mullein grows, or "open land"

20 Aug 2010

Artistic Trio Sync

Synchronicity experienced in early 2009, bringing together one song, one written vignette, and one painting. By travelling between these three artistic creations (each representing a different medium), it is possible to highlight the entire corpus of information about a Stargate's "modus operandi" (Electromagnetics).

I. Beyonce Knowles: Halo

II. The Lord Of The Rings: As The Soul Flies Upward (fan fiction)
"He lifted me, and suddenly I was flying.
Upward, called by a refining fire, the flame that would tell me who I was.
Who HE was.
No longer a thing of dirt, I found my newly sprouted wings, golden ones that watered me, fed me, burned for me. The scorching ground was only a vivid nightmare in the Time of the Soaring. My wings were my shield, my sword, my armor, stronger than the ones who had fallen away in some manner I could only feel beneath me, see with the eyes of my heart.
For a moment, hell cooled."
III. Theresa Lucero: Strength Is A Phoenix

6 Aug 2010

2009 Take That "Circus" Tour Stargate

"Relight my fire, your love is my only desire..."

Take That's "Circus" Tour in 2009 featured a VERY prominent Stargate in the stage design.

Hold Up A Light talks of how we access another world through following our favourite stars onstage, because we identify with "hope in love" (symbolized by the light). A Star (or Circus Actor) is someone who channels and makes visible our private desires. But a "Star" always has a "Gate" behind him. An Idol is a focal point for our attention, but behind this Mirror Image is always that inner passion which inspires us all equally. The imagery is of creating a Bridge between this world and the world of Ideals. In a world where there is escalating fear that the media is imprisoning our minds, this is a very welcome different perception which raises consciousness significantly, by explaining this experience as a mutual contract of co-creation and collective learning. The Stargate shows a tunnel of Orbs.  

Here more references are made to "Ruling the World", i.e. establishing order co-creatively. The Stargate shows a Jewel (Holy Grail). Fireworks  usually represent the onset of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Jewel blazes out its light so its shape is not clear, but in some videos there is a fleeting glimpse caught of its shape when the light is gentled, which is this. It can be traced as the shape of the mystical "Seat of the Soul". :)

"The Stars are coming out tonight, for you..."

The concept of "the stars are coming out tonight, for you" was embodied in a very personal experience of mine, in very similar wording. I was very surprised to find this inspiring a pop performance almost 10 years after, which holds the exact same message as my experience. This meaning centers on this word-play of Star, which studied deeper leads to the description of the Egyptian Underworld/Afterlife (and beside Egyptian, it is also Greek and Celtic, and Maori).

This experience was a dream. At first it was a nightmare, I was very angry with the demise of someone who had been a famous pop star. Somehow, within that frame I could not escape (which was symbolized by a basement), appeared a stairway and a figure dressed in white robes. He was like and unlike the famous person. He asked me to climb up the stairs. It was difficult, but I did, and found myself on his own level. This felt very strange. He said to look past him, and see the stars come out just for me. And that's what happened. The negativity then diffused, and I flew off the top of the stairs. I woke up and wrote a poem about enlightenment, and - once I found the Internet - shared it.

As these things go, they happen to you once but it takes years to decode them, while you keep thinking about them. Though I feel that nowadays I have come to understanding:
We are all the same, because of our Divine Spark. A modern Star or Idol, someone we admire and look up to, acts like the Sun ("a star so bright, you blind me..."). But the Stars will come out from beyond, in that moment of individual clarity, when we are no longer blinded and we See.

And the stars, which come out just for you, are real. What I accessed in that dream was our dawning Cosmic Vision, a psychic network which plays a significant part in all our ancient myths.

Evermore: Light-Beings and True Love

I found this while in New Zealand. Band Evermore took their name from the Led Zeppelin song title "The Battle of Evermore". It seems they like the Circled Dot too.

There is also the expanded Circled Dot which represents Vibration, in their concept video 'Never Let You Go' directed by Nash Edgerton & Spencer Susser -  based around wording puns and old 1940s 'newsreel' type clips (which in itself sends to communication theories).

And, below, a very nice song which, being about transformation (into a Being of Light), again reprises the Circled Dot. At the time of stumbling across this song, I was studying Transfiguration matters for the first time (not of Jesus, but of people who were experiencing it for the first time; Jesus seems to be already in-the-know, as he says "do not be afraid" and can easily move between human and Cosmic light-body). Lyrically speaking, "I" and "You" always refer to the Soul relationship, and each individual listener identifies with the lyrical "I". When you place all your feelings into the words, and push them out as air or sing along, you realize this Soul relationship. Therefore, here my studies matched the premise of the song/video: that a person may not correctly perceive their own "Aura" of Light, focusing on the negative feelings caused by spiritual growth. And in this case, the one who truly loves that person can see her destination and tries to open this vision for her, so that she understands she is shining from within once she overcomes her fear.       

3 Aug 2010

2010 Tour posters: Aerosmith & AC/DC

Aerosmith and AC/DC 2010 tour posters.

Eurovision 2010: Playing with Fire

Paula Seling & Ovi with double piano, Golden Ring set design, and Wormhole screen graphics.
Lyrics formulas:
Girl/Boy standard role-prison (Ego) fought against. Challenge/No Relent dynamics (irrestistible force/immovable object); "Fire", rhyming with "burning desire" (as usual!); "Taking us higher" - raised consciousness; "Could it be just a dream?" - as in "is this really happening".