1 Dec 2010

Romanian Day in Ireland

Today (Dec. 1st) was Romania's National Day. It didn't start off so good, with the phenomenon called "freezing rain" (which is very rare around these parts) making a spectacular entrance, followed by floods... and also the Military Parade, which I can hardly see the appeal of in the 21st century (except for humanitarian missions, but you don't need missiles for those!).

But it closed in a cheerful manner, of which I was infinitely pleased: I heard of an unusual show in Ireland, involving their national orchestra. A composer has put to music the lyrics from our "Merry Cemetery" headstones (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_Cemetery) - linking our two cultures across time and space, and performing the songs with the help of the choir format. A Pixie-looking girl from the Irish audience said, "Teens should listen to more music like this". The composer described it as an "Adventure". Another description of it explained how the lyrics bring those people into the present.

Now THAT was something I felt like celebrating today (the connection with Ireland being something so deeply intuitive within me, that I get high whenever anything like this happens in reality) - although I can see the connection isn't known, i.e. they are not two different cultures at their root. Catch the Stargate Crosses! But perhaps this is where I come in...