9 May 2011

Jack Sparrow vs. the Kraken

Can it get any more obvious?! Picture from the "Pirates..." Wiki. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be dirty or not. :D

The Pirates movies were much discussed by sync bloggers, but I am only just getting the hang of it now.

"Early accounts, including Pontoppidan's, describe the kraken as an animal 'the size of a floating island' whose real danger for sailors was not the creature itself, but the whirlpool it created after quickly descending back into the ocean..."

"Well, if you believe such things, there's a beast does the bidding of Davy Jones—a fearsome creature with giant tentacles that'll suction your face clean off, and drag an entire ship down to the crushing darkness... The Kraken. They say the stench of its breath is like...(shudders)... Imagine, the last thing you know on God's green earth is the roar of the Kraken and the reeking odor of a thousand rotting corpses. If you believe such things."
―Joshamee Gibbs to Will Turner

An interesting aside: coincidentally, I have recently seen again many of the old movies that dealt with issues like ghosts, telepathy, aliens and/or the subconscious. The films (made mostly in the '70s and '80s) now appeared VERY differently to me, and just made me smile for the most part. Especially the parts that were meant to be very scary have been transformed beyond recognition. We were all so naive back then, and that gives me a source of amusement to this very day.

1 May 2011

Walking On The Milky Way

I am posting this in honour of the Baptism of my friend's baby (now nicknamed "Cosmic Baby" by me :).
Another video about Cosmic Awareness and Soulmateship. They started quite a long while ago. Pertaining to my Stargate theme, we get a Doctor Who-type travelling box, the ferris wheel while the singer mentions "ultimate" or "divine" dissatisfaction, a cute umbrella trick, lots of Orbs and the cereal crop/Underworld reference. Plus a marked awareness of pollution vs. renewable energies (this is not just thrown in there like a statement to 'go recycle', it is an actual free energy/growth connection which ancient civilizations were based on).