24 Nov 2012

Alicia's Keys: Girl on Fire

Wonderful consciousness in this one, and of course the amusing 1940s-flavoured Stargate in the beginning.

5 Feb 2012

Kindred Spirit/I Drove All Night

"Kindred Spirit"

If you think you're hearing something
And you can't think what it is
If you feel a quiet longing
Lift your heart into the wind
There you'll find my kindred spirit
There you'll meet me as a friend
It is just a kindred feeling
And a song to let you in...

What happens if we apply the phrase "The Perfect Humans travel in light-form from the Galactic Centre to various locations" to the song I Drove All Night? Maybe Cyndi Lauper already did that...

(Note: some mature concepts)

The lyrical story seems to be almost a carbon-copy of Mihai Eminescu's "The Lucifer" (who is driven by desire). One of my friends has a recent art project: The Archangels, and several of them are women (yep, it's canon if you know where to look: it is titled "temperament" and/or "preferred form"). They may very well drive all night as we speak... The Galactic Centre is often referred to as a "City".