29 Jan 2011

Hollywood is dead

In an article I wrote, MJ, Lightbodies and the Stargate Miracle, I made the comparison between Hollywood stars and the Egyptian religion of the Sun. But after a while I began wondering if I was on the right track? Then... I saw this.

Michael Buble meets a version of himself as a Rockstar in the official video of "Hollywood" (Stage 33). Prominent Sun logo (Oriental version). His animal-print pants also remind of the Egyptian word "fetish".

This brings a smile to my face, especially the final "role" that he sees himself in (an Astronaut, ref: Anunnaki>Stars), before finding his true life. I find it interesting that he sings about a girl, his lover who wants to be a star, but the video is about versions of himself and dismissing these images. This in turn works for showing a message that comes from "within", through that two-way, personal connection to "what is true".

The song points to a classic Tarot sequence: the main character (the human being) goes through 24 Roles before finally understanding that "keep on loving what is true, and the world will come to you - you can find it in yourself". Hollywood is dead. And Roman soldiers on bicycles are very funny.

24 Jan 2011

Back to the '90s for a bit

Wikipedia has a great comprehensive article about the Axis Mundi, or Navel of the World, which is also the title of this song by Jovanotti. I was very aware of it in the 1990s, and I'm happy to rediscover it at this point when I better understand why they are throwing flags up at a classical sky portal, and so on... :)

The Vorticists exhibition

This is very interesting in many ways, one of which is the question "why the sudden interest?".

13 Jan 2011

Michael Jackson: Doing All We Can

Spot the Stargates (as doors, flashes, bursts of light, bursts of colour, the Lightbody, the Rainbow Body, and twirling) and try to see why they are there.
I am happy that this video was made - we sure need to wipe the grit from our eyes and see that Alternative, see the Luminous Beings that we are. It's time...

Also see what Michael was saying in his This Is It, title song for his posthumous album.

This is it, here I stand
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand
Got this love I can feel
And I know - yes for sure - it is real...