11 Dec 2011

The Big X Factor

The Cross: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (1990).

From Denise le Fay:
"... I mean that many of these Dark Ones have—sorry but I can't resist using this line—seen the Light and retired from their distorted perspectives and jobs being the "Bad Guys" during the past Evolutionary Cycle. During 2011 many of them just laid down their attitudes and bad-ass selves and willingly walked into the Light! Wow... what a trip that's been!
Remember I mentioned recently that I'd been getting the symbolism of a big X lately? This big X has indicated there's polarity integration happening at higher levels. Said really simply, this big X shape I've been perceiving indicated that in 2011 many of the Dark Ones had to integrate enough Light for them to continue evolving too, or not, and be reabsorbed by Source. And if 2011 was this phase for the Dark Ones, then, unless I've misunderstood what I've perceived, 2012 is the year for the Light Ones to do the same and integrate enough Dark within themselves at the levels and dimensions they exist on now. And we down here in 3D thought it was just us having all the high drama, intensity and excitement!
All of this is so everyone everywhere is free and clear and ready for the massive Cosmic Energy Imprinting of the New Evolutionary Cycle that will come through the alignment of Earth with the Milky Way galactic center one year from now." (2011)

25 Nov 2011

Ad songs: do they work?

Ad songs: do they work for the product?

I heard this tune in an ad for a car brand. What happened was not opting for that car brand. Instead, I looked up the full song and discovered the singer and her work, and learned more about Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (like for example that it was originally written by W.A. Mozart). If I were to purchase a car, I would simply seek to know what features I need, and which car is the best for me, value for money, etc. These days all brands are similar in that respect, and look the same too - so in the end it would be a bit random - I would have to "think up" another reason in order to convince myself, and I would then identify with that reason in my head. The car brands do not put enough work into creating a specific image nowadays, either - there is nothing to "participate in", even if we wanted to. They have no personality, and there are no brand fanclubs the way there used to be when the automobile first came into being. You either get very large and opulent, or tiny, nimble or eco-friendly, and no song can tip the balance between what you identify with.

As for this clip, the mythological aspect is obvious, and the ad works on the principles of a music video. What happens is that the image sold is that of a "unique" product (the girl ignores other apples and goes for the one alone that calls to her specifically, and the audience is expected to identify with the girl and go for the perfume), but the mind immediately understands that any other perfume brand could have come up with the same Adam & Eve concept (likewise, why couldn't we go for other apples, if we are clearly not that particular girl?). So the final product placement is a predictable breach in the fantasy and as such dismissed by the mind. Besides: who in our technological, rationalistic world actually believes a perfume to be an "elixir" for real? The name can then only be used as interesting, exotic-sounding, not as a means to convince of its underlying magic.
On the other hand, we get the promotion of dreams, "flying" and soulmateship through this ad. And of individuality: but IF this girl is an individual on account of this perfume ("perfume" is synonymous with "essence"), then we are individuals by doing something else...

So when watching ads, the effect they seek is often reversed. People buy the products by virtue of knowing and trusting the brands for many years, which is something much stronger than ads. Ads are often ignored, but when they are interesting, they hardly induce opting for that particular product - they are only admired as art, as finished products in themselves.

So why do people who come up with them believe that ads work the way they imagine? Their explanations often sound silly and ill-thought to me. But it's quite simple: the work they do as teams, as people who challenge one another to be more competitive, more creative, etc. gives the actual feeling of power; and it is this, not the promise of money, which keeps some people glued to working overtime. In those moments, the stress, the feverish anticipation, the imagined connection with large numbers of people (the "Market"), all combine to give a sense of being connected - part of something larger. As a result, they often assume that everyone must relate to their output in the same way. This never happens fully, however - it's more of a case of negotiation for the purpose of creating one's own image.
They say that upon hearing the song, you will then think of the brand each time. Yes, perhaps - but I swear I can't remember the brands 3/4s of the times I like a song; and when I do remember, I sense it as an intrusion on my enjoyment of the song. I get repelled, not attracted.

Music in malls has a different effect, as music we like can lower barriers and the person then feels "plentiful" and open to spending a lot.

Someone here said that we should have a subject in school called "Deconstruction of Commercials", and someone else that competition should switch from image-making to solution-making: who comes up with the best possible solution to the problems we are facing, instead of inventing problems we never had in the first place. This is something I have noted for myself: how many people realize that they are trying to solve unreal problems, problems invented by those who wanted to sell you something? Is life supposed to be a zero-balanced equation, then?

6 Oct 2011

The Rite of spring, summer, autumn *and* winter...


She brought her to her ioyous Paradize,
Where most she wonnes, when she on earth does dwel.
So faire a place, as Nature can deuize:
Whether in Paphos, or Cytheron hill,
Or it in Gnidus be, I wote not well;
But well I wote by tryall, that this same
All other pleasant places doth excell,
And called is by her lost louers name,
The Gardin of Adonis, farre renowmd by fame.
But were it not, that Time their troubler is,
All that in this delightfull Gardin growes,
Should happie be, and haue immortall blis:
For here all plentie, and all pleasure flowes,
And sweet loue gentle fits emongst them throwes,
Without fell rancor, or fond gealosie;
Franckly each paramour his leman knowes,
Each bird his mate, ne any does enuie
Their goodly meriment, and gay felicitie.

(Spenser's "The Garden of Adonis", ss.29-41. See s.31 for the "Double Gates" and the procedure for passing through).

* Photo of "The Rite Of Spring" as performed by the Tokyo Ballet. But it seems such a shame to confine Love to just one season or ritual, so... let's have it all the time!
* The ladies in the scene represent "Stars", and the story depicts the time when Ishtar (Eve) introduced Soul Love to the population.

"Love is not to simply join the human flesh
Love must join the soul..."

3 Sep 2011

31 Jul 2011

Rapture (Nadia Ali)

The connection between this video and my 1991 drawing would be the transparent glass box (a stargate) by which the Illuminatrix travels.
linked here
Coincidentally, I had a dream just a couple of nights ago, before I looked for this video since the song kept following me around - in which I was watching a new video where a woman was playing the concept of "Attraction" (Magnetic). I was arguing with people who were saying that her act showed that she was Illuminated and who were recoiling from this. I said that just because someone shows inner knowledge doesn't mean this is projected upon her from outside, it is entirely possible for a person to be self-sourced - in other words, that she shines with her own light. This would be the original meaning of the word anyway.

Having said that, it is very interesting how several returning acts seem to display inside information when returning to the stage, like they have taken it to the next level. Where do they get it from and what is happening? We shall see...

The video in which Nadia Ali models the Mercurial Cloak of the Illuminati in the form of a spandex suit - for the New Generation?

11 Jul 2011

Bon Jovi in Bucharest - you twist so fine

"Brothers and sisters. We have gathered here tonight to be as one."


Sexy ladies during Bad Medicine

Fresh off from the Bon Jovi concert tonight... I was blown away. It's just happy smouldering embers writing this post now. Lol. After Livin' On A Prayer which brought about the golden Sacred Heart at the end (while during the show we could see a progression of the logo through the years), they finished the concert with the classic Twist And Shout!!! And I could SWEAR they said "you really got me glowing now" instead of "going" (although, if you do glow, you also go into different dimensions)! That is, the original vibe-raising song > Ahh - ahh - ahh - ahh. They put a lot of work into delivering that (and we did too!), and one time during one of the build-ups, Jon said something about 'the wisdom' - though I couldn't catch all he said. Can you?

Of course, the entire concert was very "current" from my point of view. Dry County = the Crisis. Messages like "Shine (Your Time is Now)", etc, complete with Wormhole imagery = we are the solution to it.

All in all, the essential rock concert, always nodding back to That Old Time Rock'n'Roll, which is about the Consciousness of True Love (Soul). And Love indeed I could feel, the meaning of that Bleedin' Heart and the sacrifices that it made. It all sounds very much fun in this review - a nice party (which of course it was) - but as they wisely sing, the road here was paved by the hopeless, the hungry, and the brokenhearted, and now we can all raise the Vibe. So besides being current, the show seemed to communicate a certain job having been done, worldwide, and everyone having reached this place in time.

What they don't know, however, is that our Romanian concept of their own "Blood On Blood" is very ancient, and translates as "Brothers of the Cross". This would be a very deep friendship established for the purpose of Multidimensional Travel ("crossing"), by mingling one's energy ("blood") with that of another. Then the friends would perform Fairytale duties. The Cross(ing) is that of pathways.

I had a GREAT TIME... I hope they did too, which they seemed to, by the looks of it and the lingering (over three hours and in spite of some obvious exhaustion, the July heatwave, plus it was -almost- Richie's birthday...

Beautiful guitar design
"We'll play another one for you, after all you don't have anything to do tomorrow, do you?" The show's quality never dropped one inch, though).
One of my favourite moments was when some fans gave Jon a Romanian flag printed with the name Bon Jovi, and he studied it for a moment then wrapped it around his shoulders. It usually is a 'technique' like others such as the planned encores, but it was also a rather subconscious gesture.

At the end they thanked us for patiently waiting 30 years for them, haha (yep, we get that a lot, but the timing couldn't be more right - after all, what is recognition from others, without recognition from oneself? Before, the effect would have been to depress us even further by showing us things we couldn't have, both material and spiritual - you really have to be careful, when you 'gather to be as one', what you go back to afterwards, because it can seem such a void; not so now, most of us have travelled around quite a bit and some of us do realize the truth in saying we're brothers, not idols/followers - regardless of our conditioned aspects, like wealth or career). Also, there was one instance when a part he sang came from directly within - he got really transported and the notes resonated with that double quality, thought and sound.
And not to forget when everything went dark, lights going out one by one and then KABOOM! a big flash, as they went into Always to the crowd's delight (and screaming in my ear).
A vortexy lady in the crowd

You know you’re a twisty little girl, (twist little girl)
You know you twist so fine. (twist so fine)
Come on and twist a little closer, now, (twist a little closer)
And let me know that you're mine. (let me know you’re mine oooh)

A few more fairytale comparisons:

Light Of Earendil's Star - fractal art by Keith
Ancient legend/myth about opening a gateway to one's higher nature and becoming as a Star, e.g. "Rise, my fallen angel - shine" (Bon Jovi: Brokenpromiseland)

Fractal art by Tatooine92, capturing the relation between "shining like a diamond" and the Vortex or Wormhole

5 Jul 2011

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Today I was in the bookshop looking for a book on Rome's architecture I could use as reference for a project. However, I opened a travel guide to the exact page showing me a picture of the spiral pillar in Santa Maria of Trastevere (above). I have already visited Rome but this church I seem to have missed. The pillar marks what is known as a 'miraculous site', but personally it reminded me of Jack's Beanstalk (another 'Ropeway to the Sky' story), as beans have the habit of twining their modified stems around a support. Given the subject matter of my blog project, the following pictures from the church are pure amazement. (Coincidentally, I did buy a book about the international restoration/landscaping project of Brâncusi's "Endless Column Ensemble" in Târgu-Jiu, a most significant artwork for Gate Consciousness).

Stargates below...

Stargates above...

The two Masters, out of the Closet. :D

17 Jun 2011

Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory (Lightbody)

Squee! This is very special! It seems these are multiplying, just a moment ago I saw something called, "Michael Jackson - Behind the Mask Project", which suggests 'Disclosure' when taken on the whole.

The Glory is the Lightbody, a.k.a. putting on the White Robes. Due to a spiritual energy descending from the higher regions, technically all people are now able to access this aspect in themselves. This is very exciting.

To explain further, the video is in the same tradition as "What A Feeling" (as in FLASHdance - being a Flash or Lightbody) by Irene Cara. However, I shall introduce our local version of it, "What Is Love". Back from the days when copyright was of no consequence in this country (see, some positive aspects to the ideal of Communism, lol).
Stela Enache sings, "What is love to you? Why do you run away from it, and from me?". Apart from falling off my chair laughing at the choreography etc, I am amazed by the Syncs in place here: check out the "Stars" in the beginning and her appearing like the Purple Robed Isis, complete with golden ring and floating Orbs. And I can't believe my eyes how subvertive this video was, as you can see the attempts at portraying "The System" ("stay HERE, learn THIS, no fooling around or you get reprimanded!") being opposed by a freedom of imagination and spirituality, the "Alternative" represented by the Stage, or the "Escape" represented by the consciousness of Love. The System just allowed these things because they believed Love had no REAL power, and that dance movements were of no consequence. They censored everything else. But I find it interesting that the same lady plays both the System and Escape, both the restrictive teacher and the dreamy student... which is just another way of saying "We are doing this to ourselves". And if you look at the old logo of my country, from back then, you might notice Ishtar's Gate (not that anyone saw it as such)...

This Is Love, This Is Life

This is for my friend JK.

What I see in the symbol: the Galactic Core (Sacred Heart) pierced by the Tree of Science (a.k.a Knowledge), or "Love gives you wiiiiings" by integrating painful experience and transforming it. Science is only possible through duality (the sword), and duality is what we learn in life - separation or division, which drains energy (the blood). Pure science, however, aims at the true reconnection of subject and object, by transcending (the wings) the illusion of separation and culminating into a Self-aware uni-verse.

The Particle of Love and Life presently searched for by the Stargate-building people at the respective labs. They gather that they will only find it if IT wants to be found. :D This is where things begin to get crazy, as unexpected crossovers between science, myth and metaphor take place.

Pic taken from http://philosophyofscienceportal.blogspot.com. It looks more like a Concert than lab work.

Meanwhile, here is the History of Everything (in our current understanding, which is essentially correct but with some HUGE gaps) which this Particle has made possible. So... are we Real? I guess the answer to that is, we are Real once we have recognized Love. Within. (*knock knock*)

8 Jun 2011

Linkin Park: Iridescent (Transformers)

Producing a display of lustrous, rainbowlike colours; brilliant, lustrous, or colourful in effect or appearance; displaying a spectrum of colours that shimmer and change.

There is an exclamation which some of my friends and I find ourselves repeating these days, referring to videos being made: "Can it really get that obvious!". This one is no exception.
I realize many people are afraid of this so-called "Next Level" which is suggested for the Human Being (while still masked as fantasy or science fiction, or as something external/affected by external forces). I also realize that it is their decision, what they consider best for them. But from my perspective, we have set this fear in place, in order to have certain experiences. It is therefore up to us when we decide to remember, and a matter of letting go (I love it when the choir sings that!). Although I had been constantly experimenting with the feelings depicted here at 2:45, 2:55 and onwards, creating that energy bubble (my personal Stargate), I'd never understood what we were supposed to let go of - it always felt like something being taken away from us. But now that I understand we are the ones who create our own experiences, I finally agree to discard my own sadness and frustration: 'TRANSFORMERS'... :)

I offer a couple of pictures to compare with the video - as well as a nod to Gnostic information which describes the 'Machines' affecting our ability to see clearly. These 'virtual', unreal, aspects of ourselves are said to have been created when the Galactic Current first attempted to reach out into the outer darkness, but was unsure of herself. When her energy impacted these regions, she accidentally created these 'ghosts' or 'errors'. We have incorporated these into our psyche. Mankind represents the gradual realization of her true dream, however. The Galactic Current is the Electromagnetic 'Flow' which we are sometimes told to 'go with'.
I have to mention that the film Matrix (more so, its origination in the Hindu/Buddhist beliefs of the world as Maya, illusion), which at the time caused a very high level of unease in me (thought pattern: "Then everything is c**p!"), has now been fully transformed into enlightenment for me. It is no longer about everything being c**p. It is about us being amazing. But not just as the specifically human characters from the film, who are 'at war' with the Machines - more like amazing on the whole, since the Machines are also aspects of ourselves, those components that 'don't get it'. (Many other past cultural representations have likewise received the same twist in my perception - obviously a change based on my own alchemical process).

The Seven Houses binding the Duat

Many are trying to determine with accuracy which group 'owns' this information - which is useless, as it only dramatizes the mind into perceiving roles as ultimate. By perceiving roles as ultimate, one loses one's ability to perceive oneself as Multidimensional (hence 'free'). Whichever connection each group may have to the Divine, it is their own subjective interpretation, just as this is true for everyone else. This type of partial interpretation (as bound to manifested goals within the Game that we create) has no influence on the way anyone else can be personally involved with the Divine. But while it is easy for some to make it appear that they are revealing the true nature of reality to you (a role I have played on both sides), it is worthwhile to remember that this creates addiction to that so-called 'illumination'. In truth, YOU are the only Being who is revealing your true nature to yourself.

It is also worthwile to remember that, while we may get temporarily blinded by existence itself (i.e: more videos, more words, more news, to which we attach a linear 'separate' meaning as we rely on the individual 'energy snacks'), we on this Planet are actively involved in a process of Self-realization as we speak. In other words, all these activities are 'actually happening' to us, in terms of Consciousness.

2 Jun 2011

Robbie Williams: Heart And I

This started playing where I was shopping for my birthday party this year, and wondering about/testing a new theory on Song Sync...
I wonder whether there is a need to explain, or everyone has already experienced and thus knows well the underlying feelings in this song. There is still such a deep rift where knowledge is concerned (I worry about these young people - at their age, I tried to find out interesting things all the time, and I still did not have enough time to figure out everything I wanted to. But they do not even show signs of questioning... It's funny, because the first guy I ever fell in love with in this life was the only one at the time who seemed, to me, to have had some sort of inner life...). However, it's always nice to hear about Awakening, no matter where it comes from. "In And Out Of Consciousness":

9 May 2011

Jack Sparrow vs. the Kraken

Can it get any more obvious?! Picture from the "Pirates..." Wiki. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be dirty or not. :D

The Pirates movies were much discussed by sync bloggers, but I am only just getting the hang of it now.

"Early accounts, including Pontoppidan's, describe the kraken as an animal 'the size of a floating island' whose real danger for sailors was not the creature itself, but the whirlpool it created after quickly descending back into the ocean..."

"Well, if you believe such things, there's a beast does the bidding of Davy Jones—a fearsome creature with giant tentacles that'll suction your face clean off, and drag an entire ship down to the crushing darkness... The Kraken. They say the stench of its breath is like...(shudders)... Imagine, the last thing you know on God's green earth is the roar of the Kraken and the reeking odor of a thousand rotting corpses. If you believe such things."
―Joshamee Gibbs to Will Turner

An interesting aside: coincidentally, I have recently seen again many of the old movies that dealt with issues like ghosts, telepathy, aliens and/or the subconscious. The films (made mostly in the '70s and '80s) now appeared VERY differently to me, and just made me smile for the most part. Especially the parts that were meant to be very scary have been transformed beyond recognition. We were all so naive back then, and that gives me a source of amusement to this very day.

1 May 2011

Walking On The Milky Way

I am posting this in honour of the Baptism of my friend's baby (now nicknamed "Cosmic Baby" by me :).
Another video about Cosmic Awareness and Soulmateship. They started quite a long while ago. Pertaining to my Stargate theme, we get a Doctor Who-type travelling box, the ferris wheel while the singer mentions "ultimate" or "divine" dissatisfaction, a cute umbrella trick, lots of Orbs and the cereal crop/Underworld reference. Plus a marked awareness of pollution vs. renewable energies (this is not just thrown in there like a statement to 'go recycle', it is an actual free energy/growth connection which ancient civilizations were based on).

22 Apr 2011

Film studio logos: Sumer Antenna & Ascension

Here are just two film studio logos which, for me, facilitated remembering. A more comprehensive article coming soon. The Universal animation is not a Stargate per se, but it shows rays of light (awakened consciousness) going out into Space from the continents (containers), and thus creating the perspective of a "Universal" Earth (raising the frequency). The music (brass instruments) seems to recall the Book of Revelations (trumpeting, an energy from the Sun due to the Galactic Center).

26 Mar 2011

Good Jove

This year I'm going to their concert. The logo of the Awakened Love from the Galactic Heart promises to make it interesting. The only question is... should I get a ticket for the Golden Circle? :D

6 Feb 2011

Aerosmith "Angel" - the Guardian & the Mote (Mate)

"And the ray was the Guardian Angel of the mote: not a thing interposed between God and the creature, but God's very attention itself, personalized."~~JRR Tolkien I remember many years ago, the question was, "What's an aerosmith?!". I thought that was funny. True, what is an aerosmith! There were suggestions of a kite. Nowadays, I think I have finally figured it out. And yes, it's a kite - but a very unusual one. (As a point of interest, in my native language "kite" is the same word as a "daimon" or someone who pushes you to better yourself, the happiness in transcending your limits).

Hehe, very clever to put a human-scale Aerosmith (imagine how many pictures were taken there, of people standing in an ancient stargate, the vehicle of the Angels). If we go by the Winged Disc symbol, or the Nibiru, or Fravahar, it is also funny that Steven Tyler has a daughter who played an Elf. *g*

But that hadn't happened in 1988, and it is this song, Angel, written with Desmond Child, that is my all-time favourite song/performance in their repertoir (my air guitar on this wasn't half bad!). Here is why: It is definitely a meta-performance - explaining why they are in this at all, and what it is really all about. Sure, there are suggestions of all rock artists having sold their souls to the devil for money, but I wonder what would happen if we identified a little bit, with that person who's singing his brains out onstage, invoking his Angel (or perhaps she is invoking him?). Have you never experienced the feeling? The most complete, all-encompassing Love, initiated in the stomach and travelling through the entire nervous system. That Love is what powers you to stand tall and know who you are (no devil would suggest that to you). Sure, everyone has problems and issues (rock stars even more so), but this is their way of purifying - and they also do it for the whole audience. Yes, they need the devils to stage the whole thing - but that's minor compared to its real value. So, due to this Angel who is lifting the man, he's transformed in my eyes: first, he goes back to being a child, a small boy. Then, he metamorphoses into a really, REALLY attractive man - I can see what she sees in him, as it were. And that's how these concerts work. The mind is opened to the existence of one's own soulmate, and that is why it seems so confusing at first, that it doesn't matter about age or sex, or even about what is deemed handsome or ugly - it just happens whenever you mature enough to look into it (this certainly was not the case for me in 1988), and it's not about a connection between you and the man onstage, but a parallel between the audience and the Angel he is invoking/expressing, who gives the "glory" (looking on from the top of the A-shaped Axis Mundi).

By the way, have you ever seen the sheer number of ORBS at these concerts?

2 Feb 2011

The Adventures of Queen

How many ways are there to tell a story? In this article, I will have a look at the multidimensional tale told about Queen's Adventures through their own visual representations. Jung teaches us that some people have direct access to the Collective Unconscious. Plato, on the other hand, stated that musicians always draw their inspiration from their own experiences through Time & Space (which includes pre- and re-incarnation states). Likewise, these concepts may not differ very much. Whichever standpoint we take, the role of the Artist has always been the initiation and continuation of self-awakening and enlightenment - understanding what we are, beyond cultural assumptions and preconceptions about "who" we are. So here are a few fascinating glimpses of that (*).

PART I - Chronological Output
The new Fan Club web banner, with a startling stargate device (re: faces at the Window), for those of us who are used to looking. Original artwork of Queen by Angela Lumley, in the style of Grandville's illustrations appearing animated in the Innuendo video. Added to this page: 2012 (Time For Miracles).
Feltham Town Centre placque, set in 2009. My photo.
Purple sleeve cover - Queen's first album, 1973. Marks the beginning of the road in the "Pop Star" role.
Freddie Mercury was a Jimi Hendrix fan, a fact that can easily connect the sleeve with Purple Haze (and then have us ask whether Prince meant a similar thing with his Purple Rain?). However, many followers simply make the cultural connection without asking what it communicates.
Trompe l'oeil - The Great Pretender video, 1987. Notice the 'wormhole' opening in the background.
The Cross (Roger Taylor), Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know cover, 1990 - polarity integration (X), the bad guys resigning from their roles, while the  good guys face their own inner darkness. This came way before the "Planet X" hype (Nibiru = Crossing Place or Ferry Boat). Quote originally referring to Lord Byron, whose Manfred poem is quite intriguing. "Dangerous" in spiritual terms refers to the energy of the higher realms, which cannot be integrated by the duality mind, so it appears as polarized extremes.
The I'm Going Slightly Mad cover, 1991. Image source. Typical Vortex Monster (the ego's fears of dissolution). I had these beautiful babies in my dreams all the time as a child, until I allowed one of them to eat me - at which point they surprisingly dissolved. Being eaten felt good, no different at all from being loved in my core. 

Andromeda Galaxy in the Time Musical, 1987. Home of the "Time Lord" who looked to see what's up with Mankind. The Rock Star from Earth is taken to Andromeda during his concert, then brought back to tell people to use their Reason and be Wise - this, it's said, amounts to being in harmony with the Universe. M31's Core had not been imaged before the mid-'90s (via Hubble), and in the opinion of scientists, it is a very strange Core indeed: an elliptical ring of golden, older stars surrounds a fast-swirling disk of white hot, newly formed ones. The galaxy's name encoding recalls the origins of the "Medes and Persians" as descendants of Andromeda and Perseus. Freddie, a Persian, was a guest on the show.

Brian's tunnel of lights - Back To The Light video, 1993. Singing along or playing music lightens the mood considerably and measurably, and can show a passage out of darkness. But how does it do that?
"Searching for a clearer view" - Back To The Light video, 1993. It becomes obvious at this point that "normal" footage is used to tell "another" story (which exists on a higher level), except that it maintains the appearance of linear disconnected scenes, due to (over)familiarity with the history of the band. This "otherness" is underlined by Brian May on his album Another World (1998), where he cautions against taking things the way they seem. But how may we perceive them differently? My bet would be by using a multidimensional approach.         

A big flash - Resurrection video, 1993.

The Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, unveiled 1995. The temporary ferris wheel installation creates an interesting mandorla.
The Queen Heaven Laser Show, 2001 (concept: Brian May, Dieter Schwab, Markus Steblei)- promo brochure and some special effects scenes. I recommend the original opening where Brian May plays a Creator and kindles stars in a thoroughly gripping imaginary recreation of the Big Bang. The show premiered in Munich, but the Vienna Planetarium logo is even more intriguing: the ancient Conjunction symbol represents conscious Cosmic Travel.
Projection of the handwritten lyrics for A Winter's Tale. As all Press reactions hyperemphasized a concept of Freddie Mercury's "revival" or "resurrection", this show has formed the initial basis of many of my own studies into the concept of artistic enchantment and the interrelationship of secondary and primary belief - the inner workings of "Magic".   
There were often references to SciFi, such as this wormhole-creating interdimensional travelling device reminiscent of Contact (starring Jodie Foster as a Scientist who experiences a cognitive limitation dilemma).
Orb and funnel-like portals

Last Horizon download link, 2004 - BrianMay.com

Galaxy and strings - Lover of Life/Singer of Songs original website, 2006 (Freddie's imaginary 60th birthday; these observances have implied a multidimensional concept since 1992-1993, but in a sense they also deny it - depending on one's interpretation). The legendary Perfected Souls are described in ancient writings as travelling in light form (i.e. "beaming") from the Galactic Centre to various locations. 

Ring and strings - Lover of Life/Singer of Songs original website. See Discovery programs like Through the Wormhole etc. for easier explanation of Strings Theory and hypothetical circular device.
A Star in one of the two imaginary constellations, LoL or SoS - Lover of Life/Singer of Songs original website (reveals message from fan when clicked). The stars are found in a purple nebula ("cloud"). Clouds, mists or smoke play a special role in stories of multidimensional beings, because they are indicators of impending materialization (coalescing).   
Transition (one's aura turning from purple to translucent, during which the person feels like they are literally going through Death but without actually dying) is a spiritual activation of the Lightbody (to the ancient Egyptians: a new Star, of the company of RA. "Horus among them pulls on their hearts").
Split-screen effect: the presenter steps into the violet Q then leaves his image there and approaches the camera. The presentation for the "Stormtroopers in Stilettos" exhibition talks about a different image, or "the truth behind the glam". The first such use of the Q appeared in 1992:

Wonder - Brian May playing Bijou duringthe Cosmos Rocks Tour, 2008. The eye represents a "door to a dream world". It would appear that the Heaven-voyant person (indicated by the red/blue iris) sees something that shines or glows, which is answered shortly:
Way in: spiralling...

 ... way out: doors-within-doors - Multidimensionality. 

PART II - Interesting Collective Responses

Mme Tussaud's: memorial to Farrokh "Freddie Mercury" Bulsara. The nickname Freddie was given by the kids in India. "Fred" means "Elf or Magical Counsel" when derived from Old English Alfred, which seems more appropriate than the Germanic Frederick. He chose the stage name Mercury after the Faerie Queen he referred to as his Mother (religious advisor) in a song suggesting the multidimensional history of England.

Freddie Mercury, a modern day poet-fairy 

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The Epic of Gilgamesh informs us that one of the essential duties of kingship was to make a written record of one's spiritual experiences, from which the people of the respective city could benefit. Thus, good behaviour was judged on the basis of return and sharing, regardless of having won or lost on the quest. Taking off and never being heard of again was considered poor behaviour. Pharaohs in Egypt dream-travelled in their astral body and reported what they saw of the Cosmos. Their experiences were believed to carry information about what happens after death, but also to contain explanations for various aspects of life.

Innuendoes, with Freddie Mercury & Queen 
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