1 Jun 2010

Alfons Mucha: Halo

Alfons Mucha is my favourite designer. He identified with the Czech nation although his most famous work was achieved in Paris. He is best known for his Art Nouveau commercial work featuring beautiful women who pose against stylized backgrounds represented by elaborate halos.
He lived in a time characterized by an extraordinary impulse in society to learn the science of persuasion, alongside numerous developments in the study of psychology and spirituality. Much of our modern communication media was developed in that time: the use of ads, posters, packaging, titles and by-lines is essentially unchanged.

But Mucha wanted to use these tools for a different purpose: he was a very spiritual and religious person and he infused his work with the ideals that he held. This was not obvious to people in his time: they criticized him for "selling out", saying that this went against his spirituality and that his non-commercial work is the only valuable one he produced. On the other hand, his non-commercial work was also heavily criticized for other reasons - especially his work depicting the Slavic people's spiritual origins as he saw them.

At present, through the work of surviving members of Mucha's family in terms of books and exhibitions, his true intentions were brought to light and we can get a better understanding of how he made his designs work, and of how the separate areas he explored actually make one whole: 'selling' Awakening instead of material goods.

I would like to concentrate on "The Mucha Woman" and propose a connection with new scientific data which holds that the world... is a simulation.

This theory was developed through the study of subatomic particles.

[to be continued]

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