17 Jun 2011

Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory (Lightbody)

Squee! This is very special! It seems these are multiplying, just a moment ago I saw something called, "Michael Jackson - Behind the Mask Project", which suggests 'Disclosure' when taken on the whole.

The Glory is the Lightbody, a.k.a. putting on the White Robes. Due to a spiritual energy descending from the higher regions, technically all people are now able to access this aspect in themselves. This is very exciting.

To explain further, the video is in the same tradition as "What A Feeling" (as in FLASHdance - being a Flash or Lightbody) by Irene Cara. However, I shall introduce our local version of it, "What Is Love". Back from the days when copyright was of no consequence in this country (see, some positive aspects to the ideal of Communism, lol).
Stela Enache sings, "What is love to you? Why do you run away from it, and from me?". Apart from falling off my chair laughing at the choreography etc, I am amazed by the Syncs in place here: check out the "Stars" in the beginning and her appearing like the Purple Robed Isis, complete with golden ring and floating Orbs. And I can't believe my eyes how subvertive this video was, as you can see the attempts at portraying "The System" ("stay HERE, learn THIS, no fooling around or you get reprimanded!") being opposed by a freedom of imagination and spirituality, the "Alternative" represented by the Stage, or the "Escape" represented by the consciousness of Love. The System just allowed these things because they believed Love had no REAL power, and that dance movements were of no consequence. They censored everything else. But I find it interesting that the same lady plays both the System and Escape, both the restrictive teacher and the dreamy student... which is just another way of saying "We are doing this to ourselves". And if you look at the old logo of my country, from back then, you might notice Ishtar's Gate (not that anyone saw it as such)...

This Is Love, This Is Life

This is for my friend JK.

What I see in the symbol: the Galactic Core (Sacred Heart) pierced by the Tree of Science (a.k.a Knowledge), or "Love gives you wiiiiings" by integrating painful experience and transforming it. Science is only possible through duality (the sword), and duality is what we learn in life - separation or division, which drains energy (the blood). Pure science, however, aims at the true reconnection of subject and object, by transcending (the wings) the illusion of separation and culminating into a Self-aware uni-verse.

The Particle of Love and Life presently searched for by the Stargate-building people at the respective labs. They gather that they will only find it if IT wants to be found. :D This is where things begin to get crazy, as unexpected crossovers between science, myth and metaphor take place.

Pic taken from http://philosophyofscienceportal.blogspot.com. It looks more like a Concert than lab work.

Meanwhile, here is the History of Everything (in our current understanding, which is essentially correct but with some HUGE gaps) which this Particle has made possible. So... are we Real? I guess the answer to that is, we are Real once we have recognized Love. Within. (*knock knock*)

8 Jun 2011

Linkin Park: Iridescent (Transformers)

Producing a display of lustrous, rainbowlike colours; brilliant, lustrous, or colourful in effect or appearance; displaying a spectrum of colours that shimmer and change.

There is an exclamation which some of my friends and I find ourselves repeating these days, referring to videos being made: "Can it really get that obvious!". This one is no exception.
I realize many people are afraid of this so-called "Next Level" which is suggested for the Human Being (while still masked as fantasy or science fiction, or as something external/affected by external forces). I also realize that it is their decision, what they consider best for them. But from my perspective, we have set this fear in place, in order to have certain experiences. It is therefore up to us when we decide to remember, and a matter of letting go (I love it when the choir sings that!). Although I had been constantly experimenting with the feelings depicted here at 2:45, 2:55 and onwards, creating that energy bubble (my personal Stargate), I'd never understood what we were supposed to let go of - it always felt like something being taken away from us. But now that I understand we are the ones who create our own experiences, I finally agree to discard my own sadness and frustration: 'TRANSFORMERS'... :)

I offer a couple of pictures to compare with the video - as well as a nod to Gnostic information which describes the 'Machines' affecting our ability to see clearly. These 'virtual', unreal, aspects of ourselves are said to have been created when the Galactic Current first attempted to reach out into the outer darkness, but was unsure of herself. When her energy impacted these regions, she accidentally created these 'ghosts' or 'errors'. We have incorporated these into our psyche. Mankind represents the gradual realization of her true dream, however. The Galactic Current is the Electromagnetic 'Flow' which we are sometimes told to 'go with'.
I have to mention that the film Matrix (more so, its origination in the Hindu/Buddhist beliefs of the world as Maya, illusion), which at the time caused a very high level of unease in me (thought pattern: "Then everything is c**p!"), has now been fully transformed into enlightenment for me. It is no longer about everything being c**p. It is about us being amazing. But not just as the specifically human characters from the film, who are 'at war' with the Machines - more like amazing on the whole, since the Machines are also aspects of ourselves, those components that 'don't get it'. (Many other past cultural representations have likewise received the same twist in my perception - obviously a change based on my own alchemical process).

The Seven Houses binding the Duat

Many are trying to determine with accuracy which group 'owns' this information - which is useless, as it only dramatizes the mind into perceiving roles as ultimate. By perceiving roles as ultimate, one loses one's ability to perceive oneself as Multidimensional (hence 'free'). Whichever connection each group may have to the Divine, it is their own subjective interpretation, just as this is true for everyone else. This type of partial interpretation (as bound to manifested goals within the Game that we create) has no influence on the way anyone else can be personally involved with the Divine. But while it is easy for some to make it appear that they are revealing the true nature of reality to you (a role I have played on both sides), it is worthwhile to remember that this creates addiction to that so-called 'illumination'. In truth, YOU are the only Being who is revealing your true nature to yourself.

It is also worthwile to remember that, while we may get temporarily blinded by existence itself (i.e: more videos, more words, more news, to which we attach a linear 'separate' meaning as we rely on the individual 'energy snacks'), we on this Planet are actively involved in a process of Self-realization as we speak. In other words, all these activities are 'actually happening' to us, in terms of Consciousness.

2 Jun 2011

Robbie Williams: Heart And I

This started playing where I was shopping for my birthday party this year, and wondering about/testing a new theory on Song Sync...
I wonder whether there is a need to explain, or everyone has already experienced and thus knows well the underlying feelings in this song. There is still such a deep rift where knowledge is concerned (I worry about these young people - at their age, I tried to find out interesting things all the time, and I still did not have enough time to figure out everything I wanted to. But they do not even show signs of questioning... It's funny, because the first guy I ever fell in love with in this life was the only one at the time who seemed, to me, to have had some sort of inner life...). However, it's always nice to hear about Awakening, no matter where it comes from. "In And Out Of Consciousness":