6 Oct 2011

The Rite of spring, summer, autumn *and* winter...


She brought her to her ioyous Paradize,
Where most she wonnes, when she on earth does dwel.
So faire a place, as Nature can deuize:
Whether in Paphos, or Cytheron hill,
Or it in Gnidus be, I wote not well;
But well I wote by tryall, that this same
All other pleasant places doth excell,
And called is by her lost louers name,
The Gardin of Adonis, farre renowmd by fame.
But were it not, that Time their troubler is,
All that in this delightfull Gardin growes,
Should happie be, and haue immortall blis:
For here all plentie, and all pleasure flowes,
And sweet loue gentle fits emongst them throwes,
Without fell rancor, or fond gealosie;
Franckly each paramour his leman knowes,
Each bird his mate, ne any does enuie
Their goodly meriment, and gay felicitie.

(Spenser's "The Garden of Adonis", ss.29-41. See s.31 for the "Double Gates" and the procedure for passing through).

* Photo of "The Rite Of Spring" as performed by the Tokyo Ballet. But it seems such a shame to confine Love to just one season or ritual, so... let's have it all the time!
* The ladies in the scene represent "Stars", and the story depicts the time when Ishtar (Eve) introduced Soul Love to the population.

"Love is not to simply join the human flesh
Love must join the soul..."