31 Jul 2011

Rapture (Nadia Ali)

The connection between this video and my 1991 drawing would be the transparent glass box (a stargate) by which the Illuminatrix travels.
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Coincidentally, I had a dream just a couple of nights ago, before I looked for this video since the song kept following me around - in which I was watching a new video where a woman was playing the concept of "Attraction" (Magnetic). I was arguing with people who were saying that her act showed that she was Illuminated and who were recoiling from this. I said that just because someone shows inner knowledge doesn't mean this is projected upon her from outside, it is entirely possible for a person to be self-sourced - in other words, that she shines with her own light. This would be the original meaning of the word anyway.

Having said that, it is very interesting how several returning acts seem to display inside information when returning to the stage, like they have taken it to the next level. Where do they get it from and what is happening? We shall see...

The video in which Nadia Ali models the Mercurial Cloak of the Illuminati in the form of a spandex suit - for the New Generation?

11 Jul 2011

Bon Jovi in Bucharest - you twist so fine

"Brothers and sisters. We have gathered here tonight to be as one."


Sexy ladies during Bad Medicine

Fresh off from the Bon Jovi concert tonight... I was blown away. It's just happy smouldering embers writing this post now. Lol. After Livin' On A Prayer which brought about the golden Sacred Heart at the end (while during the show we could see a progression of the logo through the years), they finished the concert with the classic Twist And Shout!!! And I could SWEAR they said "you really got me glowing now" instead of "going" (although, if you do glow, you also go into different dimensions)! That is, the original vibe-raising song > Ahh - ahh - ahh - ahh. They put a lot of work into delivering that (and we did too!), and one time during one of the build-ups, Jon said something about 'the wisdom' - though I couldn't catch all he said. Can you?

Of course, the entire concert was very "current" from my point of view. Dry County = the Crisis. Messages like "Shine (Your Time is Now)", etc, complete with Wormhole imagery = we are the solution to it.

All in all, the essential rock concert, always nodding back to That Old Time Rock'n'Roll, which is about the Consciousness of True Love (Soul). And Love indeed I could feel, the meaning of that Bleedin' Heart and the sacrifices that it made. It all sounds very much fun in this review - a nice party (which of course it was) - but as they wisely sing, the road here was paved by the hopeless, the hungry, and the brokenhearted, and now we can all raise the Vibe. So besides being current, the show seemed to communicate a certain job having been done, worldwide, and everyone having reached this place in time.

What they don't know, however, is that our Romanian concept of their own "Blood On Blood" is very ancient, and translates as "Brothers of the Cross". This would be a very deep friendship established for the purpose of Multidimensional Travel ("crossing"), by mingling one's energy ("blood") with that of another. Then the friends would perform Fairytale duties. The Cross(ing) is that of pathways.

I had a GREAT TIME... I hope they did too, which they seemed to, by the looks of it and the lingering (over three hours and in spite of some obvious exhaustion, the July heatwave, plus it was -almost- Richie's birthday...

Beautiful guitar design
"We'll play another one for you, after all you don't have anything to do tomorrow, do you?" The show's quality never dropped one inch, though).
One of my favourite moments was when some fans gave Jon a Romanian flag printed with the name Bon Jovi, and he studied it for a moment then wrapped it around his shoulders. It usually is a 'technique' like others such as the planned encores, but it was also a rather subconscious gesture.

At the end they thanked us for patiently waiting 30 years for them, haha (yep, we get that a lot, but the timing couldn't be more right - after all, what is recognition from others, without recognition from oneself? Before, the effect would have been to depress us even further by showing us things we couldn't have, both material and spiritual - you really have to be careful, when you 'gather to be as one', what you go back to afterwards, because it can seem such a void; not so now, most of us have travelled around quite a bit and some of us do realize the truth in saying we're brothers, not idols/followers - regardless of our conditioned aspects, like wealth or career). Also, there was one instance when a part he sang came from directly within - he got really transported and the notes resonated with that double quality, thought and sound.
And not to forget when everything went dark, lights going out one by one and then KABOOM! a big flash, as they went into Always to the crowd's delight (and screaming in my ear).
A vortexy lady in the crowd

You know you’re a twisty little girl, (twist little girl)
You know you twist so fine. (twist so fine)
Come on and twist a little closer, now, (twist a little closer)
And let me know that you're mine. (let me know you’re mine oooh)

A few more fairytale comparisons:

Light Of Earendil's Star - fractal art by Keith
Ancient legend/myth about opening a gateway to one's higher nature and becoming as a Star, e.g. "Rise, my fallen angel - shine" (Bon Jovi: Brokenpromiseland)

Fractal art by Tatooine92, capturing the relation between "shining like a diamond" and the Vortex or Wormhole

5 Jul 2011

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Today I was in the bookshop looking for a book on Rome's architecture I could use as reference for a project. However, I opened a travel guide to the exact page showing me a picture of the spiral pillar in Santa Maria of Trastevere (above). I have already visited Rome but this church I seem to have missed. The pillar marks what is known as a 'miraculous site', but personally it reminded me of Jack's Beanstalk (another 'Ropeway to the Sky' story), as beans have the habit of twining their modified stems around a support. Given the subject matter of my blog project, the following pictures from the church are pure amazement. (Coincidentally, I did buy a book about the international restoration/landscaping project of Brâncusi's "Endless Column Ensemble" in Târgu-Jiu, a most significant artwork for Gate Consciousness).

Stargates below...

Stargates above...

The two Masters, out of the Closet. :D